I’ve been designing digital products and services since 2002 making sure that users are at the heart of everything I do. The last three years I've been a Lead Product Designer at OpenTable helping develop the offer and grow the business.

I champion design within the business helping others to understand the influence I can have by running workshops and brown bag sessions so everyone can understand the importance of design.

I also mentor, occasionally write on Medium, am a keen photographer and love my bike and running shoes.

OpenTable: Restaurant Reservation Booking Widget

An extensive piece of work that was initially self-initiated. Our previous booking widget was being integrated in a variety of ways with no clear consistency to user experience, visual branding and appeared broken. The redesign has seen an uplift in restaurants using the widget and an increase in customer bookings.

OpenTable: Maps

Maps are a key point in a user's journey in helping determine where to dine, especially when travelling to a new area, or when organising a place to eat with friends which is convenient for everyone to travel to. Based on user research we rolled out many new features within maps, trialled with users with prototypes built in Framer by myself and then A/B Tested.

OpenTable: Small changes and big impacts

Small changes can often have a big impact. I drove an initiative to update the colours on our website to make them accessible, edited CSS to refine the layout of pages and modal windows and changed the copy to see how our users responded. Each test proved positive and increased bookings, account creation and other KPIs that the business can user to help our users find restaurants relevent to them.

Neon: Video on Demand service

(Created @ WilsonFletcher) Create a best-of-breed video on demand service for the New Zealand market across tablet and smartphone (both Android and iOS), web and Xbox360.

BT Sport app

(Created @ WilsonFletcher) Design cross-platform apps for BT Sport to allow users to stream the channels, watch catch-up clips and browse the latest sports news.